Our Philosophy

A brilliant digital strategy can have an extraordinary effect on your business, helping it to scale and thrive. You deserve that.

When you engage us you’re not paying us for our time, or to licence our software. You’re paying for visible, tangible results, up and running.

Our Founders

Charles Southey and Louisa Southey started Contengo Ltd in 2020 to provide a new generation of software solutions for professional services firms, taking full advantage of the many recent advances in cloud computing and software creation tools.
Charles Southey, Founder and CTO

Charles Southey

Founder and CTO

Charles Southey is a Cambridge-educated Computer Scientist with over 30 years experience leading IT solutions delivery in some of the world’s most successful organisations, including 10 years delivering award-winning commercial solutions in the Financial Services sector.

Louisa Southey, Founder & CEO

Louisa Southey

Founder and CEO

Louisa Southey trained as an Engineering Geologist and has many years experience in Science Education, as well as various roles in Sales and Marketing. For the last five years she has led Customer Services and Operations in the FinTech sector.