Born in 2020

Born in 2020

No one in their right mind would start a business at the start of a pandemic would they? Well yes, we did.

Shortly before the COVID bombshell hit, and the ensuing upending of everyone’s plans for 2020, we had arrived at a point of realisation that our business philosophy and that of our employers was not only as far apart as the north and south poles of the earth, but was also a chasm that couldn’t be bridged, thus we headed hastily to the Emergency Exit.


Once out in the fresh air, and oblivious to the pandemic just emerging in a far-off region of the globe, we took a deep breath and launched Contengo. Our mission was simple, we wanted to use our skills and experience to delight our customers, and reward our team.

The year didn’t quite go as planned for anyone, but a single word frequently cropped up in threads of conversations during 2020, and that word was: ‘opportunity’. Not surprising really, we are a rather resilient lot. When we get knocked down we get up, dust ourselves off and make a new plan.

Now is the time for planning.

What we know for sure is that the desire for connection with each other is stronger than ever before, but how we make those connections has to now work in a very different climate.

The changing demands of the next generation that once seemed some way off, are now accelerated. The digital transformation of all businesses is now a necessity, essential for survival in a connected world.

The question to ask yourself is: can you operate competitively in this brave new world?

Are you ready?

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