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Born in 2020

No one in their right mind would start a business at the start of a pandemic would they? Well yes, we did. Shortly before the COVID bombshell hit, and the ensuing upending of everyone’s plans for 2020, we had arrived at a point of realisation that our business philosophy and that of

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What is Digital Transformation anyway?

Do you know a gadget junky? My in-laws used to be kitchen gadget junkies, (sorry folks), constantly on the lookout for items to enhance their culinary exploits from the all-essential mushroom brush to the George Foreman grill. This resulted, as expected, in worktop overload, and I may have borrowed that

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Champagne & Contracts

I have often observed “the grander the wedding, the shorter the marriage”. When it comes to celebrating the signing of a new customer contract, this old adage regularly springs to mind. Previously, the fanfare of congratulations and back slapping associated with the signing of a new contract didn’t leave me euphoric.

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