Champagne & Contracts

Champagne & Contracts

I have often observed “the grander the wedding, the shorter the marriage”.

When it comes to celebrating the signing of a new customer contract, this old adage regularly springs to mind.

Previously, the fanfare of congratulations and back slapping associated with the signing of a new contract didn’t leave me euphoric. I always had a hunch it was a bit too early to celebrate.

Although not always the case, my hunch was often borne out through one of a number of possible scenarios:

Scenario one

The product demo bedazzled the business owner, but was lacking in details about the effort required from both sides for a successful implementation. Staff are expecting the new technology to solve all their problems, but the reality is, this turkey isn’t oven ready, let alone cooked. There will need to be a significant input from them, on top of their already heavy workload. They suffer disappointment from the get-go and hence, naturally, lose motivation, leaving the implementation in a mess.

Scenario two

The salesperson – in their enthusiasm – forgot to clarify which of the features are actually still in development and won’t be available for – well, with a development queue that’s as long as time itself, who knows? 

Scenario three

The customer is impossible to get hold of, and by the time you do, the person who approved the purchase has left to run a llama farm in Wales.

Seeing it Through

Our experience at Contengo means we contemplate all the challenges of implementing new systems – our expertise is with you every step of the way. We don’t consider a contract fulfilled until you – the customer – have done a review and ticked all the boxes. 

Which is why we don’t pop the champagne when we sign the contract, but only when we have delivered something that works for your business: not something that could, or might, but actually does. 

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