Our Services

At Contengo, we don’t just build software – we build open-ended digital solutions, tailored to your business needs.

Practice Management

No more inflexible "back-office" systems - we've developed a suite of plug-together components that we will use to deliver you a PMS to your exact specification - fully integrated with your other systems.

Client Engagement Suite

A beautiful, engaging client portal & mobile app - fully branded for your firm. Secure messaging and document sharing. Workflow, approval and electronic signatures.

Data Wrangling & Reporting

Automatically collect, transform and aggregate any kind of data from any source - including 3rd party platforms, data vendors, flat files, spreadsheets. Convert and combine data into any form you need using our configurable rules engine.

Our Philosophy

A brilliant digital strategy can have an extraordinary effect on your business, helping it to scale and thrive. You deserve that.

When you engage us you’re not paying us for our time, or to licence our software. You’re paying for visible, tangible results, up and running.

We’ll help you build your business case, and deliver against it. No win, no fee.

Our Founders

Charles Southey and Louisa Southey started Contengo Ltd in 2020 to provide a new generation of software solutions for professional services firms, taking full advantage of the many recent advances in cloud computing and software creation tools.
Charles Southey

Charles Southey

Founder and CTO
Louisa Southey

Louisa Southey

Founder and CEO

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Born in 2020

No one in their right mind would start a business at the start of a pandemic would they? Well yes, we did.Shortly before the COVID bombshell hit, and the ensuing upending of everyone’s plans for 2020, we had arrived at a point of realisation that our business philosophy and that of our […]

What is Digital Transformation anyway?

Do you know a gadget junky? My in-laws used to be kitchen gadget junkies, (sorry folks), constantly on the lookout for items to enhance their culinary exploits from the all-essential mushroom brush to the George Foreman grill. This resulted, as expected, in worktop overload, and I may have borrowed that […]

Champagne & Contracts

I have often observed “the grander the wedding, the shorter the marriage”. When it comes to celebrating the signing of a new customer contract, this old adage regularly springs to mind. Previously, the fanfare of congratulations and back slapping associated with the signing of a new contract didn’t leave me euphoric. […]

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