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Our Philosophy

A brilliant digital strategy can have an extraordinary effect on your business, helping it to scale and thrive. You deserve that.

When you engage us you're not paying us for our time, or to licence our software. You're paying for visible, tangible results, up and running.

We'll help you build your business case, and deliver against it. No win, no fee.

Engagement Model

  1. Fact Find. We work with your team to uncover what you need now and in the future.
  2. Proposal. We deliver a detailed proposal including a business case, roadmap and "quick-wins".
  3. Roadmap. The full plan is broken down into short, easily-manageable stages.
  4. Quick Wins. We start with "quick-wins" to bring immediate results.
  5. Phased Delivery. We proceed in stages, with concrete results delivered after each stage .
  6. Ongoing Support. At whatever level you need - ranging from full operational ownership to just being there if you need us.

Our Founders

Charles Southey and Louisa Southey started Contengo Ltd in 2020 to provide a new generation of software solutions for professional services firms, taking full advantage of the many recent advances in cloud computing and software creation tools.

Practice Management

No more inflexible "back-office" systems - at Contengo we've developed a suite of plug-together components that we will use to deliver you a PMS to your exact specification - fully integrated with your other systems.

We manage the full data migration from your old system, and the transition project to ensure it is fully bedded in and working.

The system runs under your own account on Microsoft's world-leading Azure cloud services platform, so you won't risk having your data accidentally shared with other companies or competing for capacity. We'll run it for you on a going basis, or hand it fully over to you. Either way - you are always firmly in the driving seat!

Client Engagement Suite

A beautiful, engaging client portal & mobile app - fully branded for your firm. Secure messaging and document sharing. Workflow, approval and electronic signatures.

Rock-solid security, performance and availability. Self-service PII maintenance & fact find. Built-in GDPR compliance and consent management. All totally integrated with all your investment platforms & your CRM, practice management or back-office system.

Data Wrangling & Reporting

Automatically collect, transform and aggregate any kind of data from any source - including 3rd party platforms, data vendors, flat files, spreadsheets. Convert and combine data into any form you need using our configurable rules engine.

Automatically produce stunning, custom-designed MIFID-2 compliant investment performance reports. Design your own internal reports & data extracts. Any input, any ouput, any audience.

Benefits of Working at Contengo

At Contengo we foster honesty and transparency.

To achieve our service goals we need a team of highly capable, multiskilled individuals. Therefore, we only hire the best, and help them to be the best they can be.

We invest in the team through training and mentoring - internally and externally. Each team member is supported and developed as an individual. With this in mind we offer an exceptional benefits package that is tailored to your specific circumstances.


We are always looking for people that share our values to join our company. We don't hire just to fill a job, we hire people to have a career with us. If you think you fit the bill then please do get in touch.

To work with us you must be an exceptional achiever, but above all else you must be committed to your personal development and to our values. If you answer "yes" to these questions we'd love to hear from you:

Are you eager to learn and update your skills? Are you willing to make and learn from mistakes? Do you tenaciously stick with a problem until it is solved? Are you always looking for better ways to do things? Do you get a kick out of solving complex problems? Are you happy to throw away something that isn't working and start again? Do you want to join a company with a view to running it one day?

Graduate & Internship Programs

Contengo offers you an exciting and dynamic start to your career. You will have opportunities to shape the business and be involved in decisions from the very start. Our dedication to life-long learning means we will help you to continue to gain relevant qualifications while you are with us. This will give you the opportunity to develop new areas of expertise as well as keep abreast of the latest technologies and trends.

Internships are highly valued at Contengo and we can offer varying periods of work to suit your availability. We encourage our interns to really jump in at the deep end and work on real world problems and projects. We are always impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of our interns, and look forward to the next cohort joining us in 2021.

Contact Us

To request a callback, ask a question, or enquire about careers at Contengo, please just send an email to...

Alternatively please call us on 01865 735705 at any time.

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