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Comprehensive Data Cleansing: Uncover the Full Potential of Your Information

Trust and Accuracy with Contengo

Track, Verify, and Cleanse: Ensuring Data Quality at Every Step

We understand that data integrity is paramount. That’s why the Contengo Data Engine incorporates meticulous data cleansing techniques, ensuring the quality and completeness of your information. Every change made is documented in a full audit trail, allowing you to track and verify modifications effortlessly. Our commitment extends further as we continually validate your data against reference sources, eliminating gaps and errors that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Data cleanse will:

  • Reconcile the list of clients and policies held on each provider/platform with what’s in your back office to make sure there are none missing or there when they shouldn’t be (status checking)
  • Push policies and clients into the back office from providers where they are missing and remove those that need to go.
  • Check that policies are receiving valuations through the CRM if it has been set up to do that.
  • Identify duplicates clients and de-duplicate.
  • Fill in supplementary/missing information gathered from multiple data sources to complete missing fields.
  • Identify households that should be linked and link those together

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We have been working in this industry for over 13 years and have delivered award winning products. Our combination of technical expertise and understanding of business has been called out and highly praised on multiple occasions.


Over 8,000 users log in to Contengo systems, overseeing £19bn in assets, with 650 provider firms accessing Contengo portals regularly. This has all been achieved in just three years because we have delivered on our promises and engendered the trust of our customers.

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We guarantee working with Contengo will reap results for your business; we take full responsibility for leaving you with a working system. We will always work in the best interests of our customers.

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