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Seize the Opportunity: Universal, Secure APIs for Financial Services

Efficiency and Cost Savings: Contengo’s API Solutions

Your customers need their data in order to offer a world class service to their clients. At Contengo we are experts in financial services data and are working with platforms today to ensure their APIs are universal, robust and delivering data securely when and where needed.

If this has always been an aspiration but never a priority, act now to secure your place at the forefront of providers for this requirement.

Contengo can build you an API that sits in your own environment either managed by you or us ongoing. Taking this issue off your back for a fraction of the costs currently available. Tie this In with the Contengo reporting solution and Client portal to deliver a step change in technology to your firms.

3 Steps to Break Free from Complexity and Excel

Arrange Your Demo

Let us show you how we are helping firms streamline their operations.

We'll Complete the Set-Up

We will go through an Onboarding process to link all the systems & data you need.

Watch Your Business Scale & Thrive

Create a feeling of excellence in your proposition for both your clients and staff.

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Facts & Figures

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Why Choose Contengo


13 yearsExperience

We have been working in this industry for over 13 years and have delivered award winning products. Our combination of technical expertise and understanding of business has been called out and highly praised on multiple occasions.


Over 8,000 users log in to Contengo systems, overseeing £19bn in assets, with 650 provider firms accessing Contengo portals regularly. This has all been achieved in just three years because we have delivered on our promises and engendered the trust of our customers.

Our Promise

We guarantee working with Contengo will reap results for your business; we take full responsibility for leaving you with a working system. We will always work in the best interests of our customers.

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