Elevate Decision-Making: Power Your Insights with Unified MI Dashboards

Comprehensive metrics for informed choices to unleash profitability

Efficiency through MI Dashboards Integration

Uncover profound insights with our unified business intelligence dashboards. Reveal comprehensive metrics, enhancing decision-making with well-informed choices that boost profitability and curtail expenses.

Our pathway to achievement consists of three fundamental stages. First, data is seamlessly gathered and organised from diverse sources, eliminating manual efforts. Next, the data becomes malleable, enabling you to extract pertinent metrics tailored to your unique needs. Finally, relevant information and valuable insights are automatically channeled to the where they hold the utmost significance.

3 Steps to Break Free from Complexity and Excel

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We'll Complete the Set-Up

We will go through an Onboarding process to link all the systems & data you need.

Watch Your Business Scale & Thrive

Create a feeling of excellence in your proposition for both your clients and staff.

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Facts & Figures

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Why Choose Contengo


13 yearsExperience

We have been working in this industry for over 13 years and have delivered award winning products. Our combination of technical expertise and understanding of business has been called out and highly praised on multiple occasions.


Over 8,000 users log in to Contengo systems, overseeing £19bn in assets, with 650 provider firms accessing Contengo portals regularly. This has all been achieved in just three years because we have delivered on our promises and engendered the trust of our customers.

Our Promise

We guarantee working with Contengo will reap results for your business; we take full responsibility for leaving you with a working system. We will always work in the best interests of our customers.

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